1. Wake Me Up
    J. Albert

  2. The Legend of Cherenkov Blue
    Gary Gritness

  3. Glad To Be Sad
    DMX Krew

  4. Gather Round EP

  5. A Taste Of Acid

  6. Berga Magic EP

  7. Fake Death EP
    Cassius Select

  8. Amber
    Dense & Pika

  9. Persona Non Grata
    Mor Elian

  10. Island Time

  11. Better Weather

  12. No Coast EP

  13. Three Rooms EP

  14. Artin Brown Cahen EP
    Yaleesa Hall X Malin

  15. Flimsy Output EP
    The Analogue Cops

  16. Sapa Inca Delirium
    The Cyclist

  17. Bark & Bite
    Tom Demac

  18. Wolves EP
    London Modular Alliance

  19. Strange Directions
    DMX Krew

  20. Hypercolour Patterns Volume 10
    Various Artists

  21. Vanishing Point
    A Sagittariun

  22. All The Things
    J. Albert

  23. Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol. 1
    Luke Vibert

  24. Brand New Love
    Matthew Herbert ft. Zilla

  25. Sink Or Swim
    Tom Demac

  26. Home Grown EP
    London Modular Alliance

  27. The Sugar Cane Chronicles Vol. 2
    Gary Gritness

  28. Hypercolour Patterns Volume 9
    Various Artists

  29. Pollen 4 Life
    Mathew Jonson, Sebastian Mullaert

  30. Hypercolour - 10 Years
    Various Artists

  31. Concentric Rhythms
    Guy Evans / DJ Guy

  32. Rumours
    Outboxx feat. Naomi Jeremy

  33. Pressing Matters
    The Cyclist

  34. Hypercolour Remixes Volume 1
    Various Artists

  35. Drum Vortex
    Mor Elian

  36. Windmaker
    Sebastian Mullaert

  37. Kerrier District
    Kerrier District

  38. Hypercolour Patterns Volume 8
    Various Artists

  39. The Sugar Cane Chronicles Vol. 1
    Gary Gritness

  40. You Exist
    DMX Krew

  41. 4 (Remixes)
    Kerrier District

  42. The Answer

  43. Gun Fingers
    Luca Lozano

  44. Monday Brain
    Roman Flügel

  45. Hypercolour Patterns Volume 7
    Various Artists

  46. The Wait (incl. Alan Fitzpatrick/A Sagittariun Remixes)
    Blue & Green

  47. Novism EP
    Roberto Clementi

  48. The Shuttle Awaits
    Tom Demac

  49. Separation EP
    Last Magpie

  50. Monkey Suits
    The Analogue Cops

  51. Red Wine Lips EP
    Troy Gunner

  52. Speak (feat. Elan Atias)
    With You.

  53. False Awakening (incl Tuff City Kids Remix)
    J. Wiltshire

  54. 4
    Kerrier District

  55. Little Fire Dubs EP

  56. Lynn EP
    Dense & Pika

  57. Still Missing Vol 1
    Various Artists

  58. No Spring Chicken EP
    A Sagittariun

  59. Patterns Volume 6
    Various Artists

  60. The Smack
    House Of Black Lanterns

  61. Eats Everything - Fries With That? (Unmixed)
    Various Artists

  62. Belly Of The Beast/GUTS (Remixes)
    Gazelle Twin & Tom Demac

  63. Rogue Music
    Seth Troxler & Phil Moffa

  64. Eats Everything – Fries With That? Sampler
    Various Artists

  65. Halloween (Part Two)
    Luke Vibert

  66. She Won't Let EP
    Last Magpie

  67. Halloween (Part One)
    Luke Vibert

  68. BA371 EP

  69. Hot Brass Dance EP
    The Analogue Cops

  70. Boris EP (incl. Trevino Remix)
    Kevin McPhee

  71. Antigua EP
    Alex Jones

  72. Split EP
    Warlock/Zoé Zoe & Enoah Ballard/Samuel Thalmann

  73. Slowly Turning

  74. Letters from the B.A.G EP

  75. Ridmik
    Luke Vibert

  76. Gotta Release (feat. James Welsh/Last Magpie Remixes)

  77. Music For Short Attentions EP
    Marco Bernardi

  78. Don’t Put Me In Your Box (The Remixes)
    Maya Jane Coles

  79. Popularity
    Kris Wadsworth

  80. No Stress EP

  81. Big Breasted Beauty EP
    Kill Frenzy

  82. Lounge Vibes Volume One

  83. Ghju Lia EP

  84. The Underground EP
    Friend Within

  85. 5ths EP
    Warrior One

  86. In Plain Clothes EP
    The Analogue Cops feat. DJ Octopus

  87. We Are The New Generation EP
    Volta Cab

  88. Chestnut Ave EP

  89. 8 Track Cartridge
    West Norwood Cassette Library

  90. Fallout EP
    Chris E Pants

  91. Proper Traxx EP
    Will Azada

  92. Distorted Symmetry EP

  93. Midnight Sequence EP

  94. AdLibitum EP
    Last Magpie

  95. S EP
    James Welsh

  96. Wholegrain EP
    Alex Jones feat. My Favourite Robot

  97. I Don't Care

  98. Feel Real Good EP

  99. Haggerston EP
    Alex Jones

  100. Kitchen Monks EP
    Arkist & Komon

  101. Just Happening
    Alex Jones & Bareskin feat. J.Wiltshire

  102. Bellywedge EP

  103. Disarray EP

  104. The Stronger EP
    Forget Me Not

  105. Black Magic Boman EP
    Axel Boman

  106. How It Is EP

  107. 1995
    Last Magpie

  108. Adventures in 4X4 EP
    Alex Coulton

  109. Feather Fight EP
    Justin Martin & Eats Everything

  110. Fingerprint EP
    Kris Wadsworth

  111. Oafish EP

  112. Everybody's Beautiful EP
    Amir Alexander

  113. Needs You (feat. Deetron Remix)
    George FitzGerald

  114. Regrets We Have No Use For
    Maxxi Soundsystem feat. Name One

  115. Critical Distance Part 2
    Tom Demac

  116. Wake EP

  117. No Ejector Seat EP
    Groove Armada

  118. A Homage EP

  119. Overseas Highway EP
    J. Alvarez

  120. Higher Level (feat. Mr. Fingers/Groove Armada Remixes)
    Alex Jones

  121. Acid Rapper EP
    Murphy Jax

  122. Flow Control EP

  123. Eva Mendes EP

  124. Mainline (Remixes)
    Kris Wadsworth

  125. No Knock EP
    Groove Armada

  126. Blue Organ EP
    Kevin McPhee

  127. No More Stories EP
    Last Magpie

  128. Air Valley EP
    James Welsh

  129. Nobody Else (Remixes)
    Maya Jane Coles

  130. Knowledge EP
    Jack Dixon

  131. Let It Go

  132. Don't Put Me In Your Box EP
    Maya Jane Coles

  133. Pea Gravel EP
    Christopher Rau & Tilman Tausendfreund

  134. Disappointing Dancefloors EP
    Alex Jones

  135. Subconcious EP

  136. Shots EP

  137. Comically Tribal EP

  138. Swimming In My Mind EP
    Tom Demac

  139. Harlem EP
    Russ Yallop

  140. Humming Bird EP
    Maya Jane Coles

  141. Lost Files Vol. 3
    Various Artists

  142. She Kissed Me First EP

  143. Speak Easy EP

  144. Retune EP

  145. Lost Files Vol. 2
    Various Artists

  146. Ronald, Jack & Charlie EP

  147. The Right Time EP
    Mark Henning

  148. Garchantes EP
    Franco Bianco

  149. The Black EP
    Frankie Flowerz (aka FFZ)

  150. Mog EP

  151. Caballo EP
    Mirco Violi

  152. Check The Sun EP
    Matt Star

  153. Cloaks

  154. Deport This
    Kris Wadsworth

  155. Lost Files Vol. 1
    Various Artists

  156. Dead Arm EP

  157. Feel
    Sebastien Bouchet

  158. Bed EP
    Alex Jones

  159. 7 Peanuts EP
    Philippe Autuori

  160. Shit Happenz EP

  161. The More Things Change EP
    Tom Demac

  162. Felaz
    Glimpse & Alex Jones

  163. Sweet Dreams EP
    Frankie Flowerz (aka FFZ)

  164. Changing Lanes EP
    Sebastien Bouchet

  165. True EP

  166. Hash Key EP
    Alex Jones

  167. Talking To Girls EP


Hypercolour Records London, UK

Specialising in house, techno, breaks, rave and other underground dance sounds, Hypercolour are now in their 10th year. Key artists include Luke Vibert, DMX Krew, Maya Jane Coles, Huxley, Kris Wadsworth, Dense & Pika, Groove Armada, Kerrier District, Alex Jones and more... ... more

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